21 Savage is known for his potently violent lyrics and uniform flow, detailing his skillful gunplay and trap lifestyle in many his songs. Knowing this, why is it that many his fans are clamoring for an R&B style mixtape after the rapper taped himself singing some classic karaoke over the weekend? His stylistic endeavors in rap have been worthy the ATL musician’s star shining brightly over the last few years but did you know that hiding somewhere within him, there is the voice an angel? Okay, maybe that’s a little bit a stretch. In fact, he’s a little flat throughout the performance, but who isn’t during karaoke?

The “Bank Account” star shared a video himself singing along to classics like Diddy and Usher’s “I Need A Girl” and Ciara’s “And I” on his Instagram story. He goes the hardest during Usher’s part, showing f his chops and really stretching his range for the “I need a girl, in my life” lyric. 21 looks to be reading lyrics f a screen when he’s not singing his heart out. At one point, he’s visibly chewing something while he has a grill on his teeth, raising a few questions from commenters.

Savage was just having some fun on a Sunday night, but his fans seem to really want a full-length R&B tape after his crooning with comments like, “Stop playing wit us 21drop the r&b tape” and “21 savage straight killing it.” What do you think about 21’s singing chops?