While the beef never escalated past the point of “fuck you” chants and elaborate cuckhold-centric skits, it’s fair to say that up-and-coming rappers Juice WRLD and 6ix9ine aren’t exactly feeling the mutual love. However, as fate would have it, Juice has been enjoying a surge of momentum, while 6ix9ine’s trajectory has since ground to a halt; to summarize the rainbow haired rapper recently found himself arrested, denied bail, and sent to an isolated prison ward until moments ago, when he was reportedly released on bail. Unfortunately for Tekashi and his fans, the rapper’s ongoing legal trouble will ultimately go on to affect his bag.

Though was 6ix9ine set to perform this Sunday, July 15, at Beekse Bergen’s Woo Hah Festival, his incarceration has rendered that impossible. As such, the festival has replaced him with Juice WRLD of all people, which will no doubt add insult to injury. Woo Hah issued a statement Instagram, explaining the situation: