Bas debuts his new music video in the Gulf Coast.

When A$AP Ferg and Bas added up their vacation rations, they thought it wise to explore “Boca Raton” for all its worth. A trip to Florida would not require them to resubmit a passport application, and by jove, it could be a harbinger things to come. But Bas and A$AP are less so inclined. Bas says so himself, “I can’t be your one baby girl,” so resettlement is the further option from the truth.

The “Boca Raton” music video uses every fiber green screen technology to create a faultless vacation, thousands miles removed from the scene. The Queens/Harlem repatriation attempt goes over kind well. Floridians on the Gulf Coast are ten there by the grace their own repatriation, after years living inside a hard shell. 

Bas’ new album MILKY WAY is due on the 24th August. Aside from “Boca Ranton” with Ferg promises to spar with J. Cole at least on once. The remainder its contents are shrouded in mystery.