Getty ImagesA$AP Rocky is in that top tier of hip-hop artists who are simultaneously still breaking through completely into the mainstream and also big enough to be recognized the world over and have his first two studio albums open up at No. 1 in the country. So for Rocky, watching a dispute like the one between Drake and Meek Mill that has spilled over in the past week and a half—a misunderstanding that became a disagreement that became a name-throwing contest that resulted in, gloriously, a rap beef—must have been wildly entertaining as he watched two MCs who could credibly be called his peers throw pointed daggers into each other’s armor.That was the context surrounding this weekend’s festivities, of which there were plenty; not just Drake’s OVO Fest, but also Osheaga in Montreal and Lollapalooza in Chicago. It was backstage at Lolla that MTV caught up with Rocky and asked him about the dust up between Drizzy and Meek. “Watching this was like watching the Super Bowl,” Rocky told MTV. “I wanna say thank you to Drake and Meek Mill, because that’s good sportsmanship… For real, that shit was fun. I needed that. To see that, that’s good sportsmanship.”As a fan of the rap game, however, Rocky also had his own opinion on Drake’s alleged use of ghostwriters, the sticking point that caused Meek Mill to call out the Young Money MC in the first place. “If you ask me if that matters, or if the public cares, that’s two different questions,” Rocky explained. “I think that it doesn’t matter at this point for the public—they seem like they don’t care. I don’t know. To me it matters.”Drake was on stage headlining the final night of OVO last night in Toronto, though he didn’t spark any fireworks with his comments to the crowd. Meek, meanwhile, was in Atlanta as part of Nicki Minaj’s Pinkprint Tour, ending fans’ faint hopes that he would join Drizzy on stage to squash the beef before it got too far. For now, of course, we’ll have to wait and see how the rest of the situation plays out. Check out the rest of MTV’s sit down with Rocky right here and don’t miss the three diss tracks—Drake’s “Charged Up” and “Back To Back” and Meek’s “Wanna Know”—below.