Angie Martinez spent 48 hours with Birdman in Miami Beach, where they spoke about Baby’s dispute with Lil Wayne. Baby has been pretty quiet for the last several months, but it seems like that’s going to change with this interview. The full sitdown is supposed to drop later today (July 28). Ahead of the release however, Power 105.1 dropped a snippet from the highly anticipated conversation.The Cash Money leader takes Angie through his house and onto his yacht, where they sit down for dinner and to talk. Per usual, Angie poses the tough questions, asking Birdman what will happen if Wayne leaves Cash Money records. ”What happens to Nicki and Drake and all the Young Money artists?” asked Martinez. “Do you lose everything?” Baby responds by telling Angie she’s “caught up” listening to what’s in the media. After she probes for more, he says, ”Nicki and Drake ain’t goin’ nowhere, regardless.” The conversation later moves to how Wayne’s public announcement of his beef made Birdman feel. As the business magnate responds, it’s clear he was really affected by Weezy’s words.“Not just that and not just for [it to be] him,” Birdman said. “That was shocking to everybody. You never thought Wayne would be saying nothing negative about me in no lifetime. I never thought [that] could ever happen — for that man to open his mouth and say something negative about me. Sh-t fucked my day up. I love my son. He mean the world to me. For that man to say something negative about me, that affected my life.”Take a look at the short clip above.