Just as Boosie BadAzz’ career was about to peak, the rapper did five years in prison for drug charges. Upon his release in 2014, the MC hit the ground running and recently dropped his Touch Down 2 Cause Hell LP to complete his comeback. Lost in the whirlwind of the last five-plus years is how badly Boosie’s jail bid affected his large family. In his video for “I’m Sorry,” BadAzz made sure that the people who stood by him during his darkest days were not forgotten. In an empty auditorium, Boosie apologizes to seemingly every member of his family and brings his kids out for a beautiful family moment. The song and video is a beautiful tribute from Boosie and is a welcome change of pace from the rapper. Check out the vid above.Since dropping his celebrated Touch Down 2 Cause Hell, Boosie has continued his strong output of music. Last week, the rapper dropped “Really Really,” to add to his historic run. While he has been slowed down by health issues and parole officers as of late, don’t expect Boosie to throw in the towel anytime soon.