Getty ImageChris Brown filed legal documents in Houston to establish paternity of his one-year old daughter Royalty. Houston is where Royalty’s mother, Nia Guzman, lives. According to TMZ, Breezy and Guzman have been battling over child support and visitation privileges. CB is currently paying $2,500 a month, an amount he believes to be fair. On the other hand, Nia is asking for $15,000 a month and the two haven’t been able to come to an agreement. Brown also claimed that Guzman has been very difficult in allowing him to see his daughter. Now, the R&B singer turns to the courts so it can set clear custody guidelines, which he believes will be in his favor.During the BET Awards, Brown took home the#FANdemonium challenge at the 2015 BET Awards and Best Male R&B/Pop Artist award. He mentioned Royalty in his acceptance speech.”A lot has changed in my life. A lot of mistakes, a lot of lessons learned. Best thing I’m most thankful for is my daughter,’ Brown said.Things haven’t been that great between Chris and Nia over the past couple of months. Back in April, Breezy was fighting to get his name added to his daughter’s birth certificate. Although a paternity test proved that Brown was Royalty’s father, Guzman instead added her boyfriend Brazil Riesling’s name to the document. News broke that Brown fathered a baby girl in March, shortly after which he and Guzman entered a public dispute. Chris was paying more than legally obligated to, but once Guzman broke their discretion agreement, he threatened to take her to court to get the payments lowered.