Getty ImagesCommon’s AAHH! Fest is taking a one-year hiatus after a successful 2014 event that saw Kanye West, Dave Chapelle, Jay Electronica, G Herbo and more touch the stage. The rapper, who said in a March interview that the festival would be returning this year, spoke with Chicago Magazine and confirmed last week’s announcement that there would be no AAHH! Fest taking place this year.What’s up with AAHH! Fest?We’re not doing the AAHH! Fest this year. We want to wait and do it right. Because the first one was so great, we know the next one we do has to be great. And we just felt this year we didn’t have all the tools or things we wanted to make it as dope as it could be.We wanted new people. We couldn’t come back with the same fest, and one of the toughest things was that so many of the artists that were good had just been here performing. J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, some of those great artists. We will be back with Aahh! Fest, though.While the announcement is certainly a disappointment considering how high the bar was set last year, Common also said that the festival isn’t done for good and will make a return in 2016:What will 2016 will look like?I just know it’s going to be incredible. We’re going to deliver a great—because the first one was so great, we’ve got to step up. And it’s hard to top Kanye, Lupe, De La Sol, Twista, Jennifer Hudson. Obviously we’re not limiting our artists to just Chicago, even on the first fest we had Jay Electronica, but we’re gonna take it up higher.The magazine caught up with Common at a Naked Juice event for the “Drink Good. Do Good” campaign which aims to provide affordable fresh fruits and vegetables to areas of Chicago’s inner city.