Watch DVSN’s latest visual to their “Morning After” album.

DVSN dropped f their Morning After album way back in October and today they’re here with a brand new video for the album’s lead single the same name. The Santiago Salviche directed visuals sees two young kids having a cute moment in a garden before the girl gets ripped away unable to say goodbye. Fast forward years later and the woman makes a move on a man in a bar and they realize they are each other’s long lost loves. 

They end up having to escape from the bar by starting a shootout and they may or may not get way effortlessly – check it out above.

“We both love music so much that there are so many different things that we draw from when we’re making stuff,” producer Nineteen 85 said he and Daniel. “There’s obviously the traditional R&B sense to our songwriting and I think that comes from just growing up a lot people around us were playing music that was a lot, I guess, beyond our years. We didn’t realize it then but there were so many things that we were taking in that we shouldn’t haven’t even known at that age and now that we’re doing it, we’re kind just regurgitating some the things that come so natural to us and so many people are like, “How do you know so much about this style R&B?”