XXL kicks off their new series Family Ties. The episodes will allow fans to discover aspiring rappers who are kin of hip-hop’s elite MCs. In each segment, XXL invites a relative of a famous rapper to lay it all out on a never-before heard track in our studio.Wondering if the genetically talented genes got passed down? Watch the video and decide for yourself. While some may have inherited the superstar ability, others seemed to have missed the boat.Our first episode features Chris Rivers. The 20-something MC is the son of the late-great Big Pun and inspired by his father, began rapping a few years back. Although the Bronx, New York-based rapper has studied Pun’s catalog over the years, he’s currently attempting to establish an identity of his own. Over the course of his career, Chris has unveiled several mixtapes and most recently an EP. He’s currently prepping his latest effort, Medicated Consumption.Watch Chris perform his  never-before-heard record for the first time in the video clip above.Via Instagram