@HakimGreen x @doitalldu x @triggertreach x @keithmurrayrap - "Mad Izm 2015"

You know you are a true smoker if you know all of the songs hailing the almighty marijuana leaf, and yes, Channel Live's "Mad Izm" is one of them. The track featured a collaboration with the "Professor" KRS-1 on their 1995 debut album, Station Identification and became one of hip hop's best "get high" anthems. This year, Hakim Green celebrates the 20 year anniversary of the Hip Hop classic with the help of emcees Du It All, Naughty By Nature's Treach and Keith Murray. This video contains clips of Chris Tucker's beloved character Smokey doing what he does best and footage of Hakim's recent Cannabis Day Parade performance of the 2015 reboot at Union Square. 

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