Even–perhaps especially–as the music world moves fully to the Internet, Sway in the Morning has become an institution. Not only can you catch it during drive-time, but you can replay the interviews, the shit-talking and the freestyles from your computer or smartphone at any time. But with ubiquity comes familiarity. So, lest things get stagnant, you have to bring R. Kelly onto your show and let him freestyle now and then. The R&B legend surprised the hosts (and presumably most guests) by participating in Sway’s famous ‘Five Fingers of Death’ segment. Lighting a cigar and diving in with his trademark voice, Kelly turned the staple on its ear. At other points in his appearance, he had the panel in stitches, and fielded calls from grateful fans.Kelly is about as veteran as you can get, but his output isn’t slowing down. Since the top of 2010, the Chicago native has dropped three albums, bringing his catalog to 12 solo efforts, plus the Best of Both Worlds collaborations with Jay Z and Born into the ’90s, his 1992 debut with his backing group, Public Announcement. His team has announced a 2015 effort, Buffet, which should continue his chart reign. (The singer told Sway that the title comes from the generation gaps at his show.) As always, Kells is an in-demand guest vocalist, recently appearing on “Glory to the Lord” from King Los’ God Money War album. To top it all off, he’s also expressed a desire to sing at Australian rapper Iggy Azalea’s wedding to Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young. That stemmed from Young’s statement that he hoped Kelly would sing “Marry the Pussy” at his nuptials; though the singer initially thought it was a joke, the former USC Trojan followed up with a formal request.