The XXL Freshmen List is a stepping stone for emerging rappers to finally get the spotlight they deserve. A lot the people that end up on the list become the next big thing in hip hop. However, the list doesn’t dictate who ends up doing big things in their careers. A$AP Rocky turned down the opportunity and still became one the biggest rappers in the game. Nonetheless, it’s clear some rappers feel a type way about not getting on the cover and Jay Critch was very vocal about how he felt about getting left f.

Jay Critch clearly wasn’t feeling the fact that he didn’t make the XXL Freshmen List this year. Shortly after the announcement, he took to Twitter and wrote, “Fuck XXL.” Critch was one the many people to pitch themselves for the Freshmen List. Hopefully, he’ll be able to land it next year. Critch only began to really bubble up within the past few months and there’s a strong chance we’ll witness his career take f by the end the year.

Maybe there might be more politics behind the chance to exclude him f the Freshmen List. Rich The Kid, who signed Critch to the Rich Forever label, previously said that he “happy declined” a position on the cover. Lil Skies also declined the cover claimed the cover was rigged.  Regardless the Freshmen List, these rappers look like they will have successful careers ahead them regardless.