Everything is sunny in the picture-perfect world of Julius Wilson, the musician whose single “You’re Like” is garnering the young artist his first radio play. Although the adorably goth Wilson hails from Hamilton, Ontario, his music is unmistakably influenced by the West Coast stylings of Scott Storch, the 8 time Grammy winning producer who lent his talents to the new project. The smooth production synthesizes a heavy beat with Wilson’s honey-smooth vocals, guaranteeing the love song airtime all summer long.


The single, from Wilson’s highly anticipated debut album of the same name, was released June 29th with a clever, video-game style social media campaign on Wilson’s IG. The fun, colorful videos feature a player first selecting a whip of choice in a classic car video game, and then selecting a song to play from Wilson’s album. In “You’re Like,” Wilson captures a quintessential California vibe: rolling your windows down, blasting music from the speakers, and cruising the hills with the girl of your dreams.


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