Getty ImagesYesterday (Sept. 13) marked the first Sunday of the 2015 NFL season and Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning caught the attention of Lil B fans for more than his deteriorating play. Manning, who uses more pre-snap hand signals and audibles than any other quarterback in the league, appeared to be doing the Based God’s patented “Cooking Dance” that has become a staple in player celebrations on NFL Sundays:Omg Peyton Manning did the @LILBTHEBASEDGOD cooking dance. What a world. (Via @kerryfjones)— BuzzFeed NFL (@BuzzFeedNFL) September 13, 2015 The Based God caught wind of the video and started retweeting other people who had posted the clip on their respective social media feeds. The eccentric MC then shouted out the elder Manning brother:Shouts out to NFL QB Peyton manning doing the Lil B cooking dance sports celebration live on TV today!!! – Lil B— Lil B From The Pack (@LILBTHEBASEDGOD) September 13, 2015 Other players on the Broncos got in on the act too:Appreciate that famo!— Brandon Marshall (@BMarshh54) September 14, 2015 The odds of Peyton Manning knowing who Lil B or what the Cooking Dance is are slim to none and the future Hall of Famer was almost assuredly calling an audible at the line of scrimmage. The Based God has already made his presence felt in the NBA, is infiltrating the NFL his next move?