Mic Mountain's sophmore album is edgy and a guaranteed banger!
Raw magnetic appeal and energy, the perfect recipe for success, Mic Mountain has it! From witty word play to multi-syllable flows, charismatic delivery to rhythmic metaphors Mic Mountain has what it takes to rock the microphone. Emerging from the shadows of Landover Maryland in the Washington D.C. area he has a unique hardcore, east coast style. Currently bringing to you his sophomore solo album The Warpath 2 LP.

On hip-hop hood anthems like “Return of the Boom Bap” Mic Mountain goes verse for verse and line for line with urban metaphors, off beat comedy and wordplay over a traditional boom bap break beat that will make your skull snap accompanied by extraterrestrial sound effects that seamlessly blend into the track. Smoker Songs like Mountain High (Bombvyzee Mix) are always a winner when getting the cypher started, laid down with up tempo marching drums, futuristic sounds and bouncing bass. Soldier ballads such as “Mi Vida Es Guerra” featuring Thirstin Howl the 3rd and Mellowman Ace take you through the storms of life’s many trials and tribulations, dropping street jewels in English and Spanish representing for Latinos world wide. 

The scorching banger “Ready4War” featuring Big Shang show how Mic Mountain can strategically paint a perfect picture with lyrics in battle while reminiscent of old school club bangers like “Apache War Funk” hit your ears with a catchy hook and a simple yet fly rhyme style over melodic bass and harmonic flute synths. “Mind Over Matter” has a nicely done slow flow that battles through a stuttered southern style track where the chorus holds the theme.

“Cliffhanger” the pacing grooves are in mid-tempo where Mic Mountain takes you into a war-zone behind enemy lines where ambush and land minds lurk around every corner. Battle songs like “The Unseen” show Mic Mountain’s lyrical prowess and deadly style versatility. Pulse racers such as “Double Impact” featuring Supreme tha Eloheem is filled with slick gritty hardcore rhymes over a track that gets your adrenaline going.

Mic Mountain's sophmore album is edgy and a guaranteed banger!
If you’re looking for a classic hip-hop album this the one for you. This guy is a titan, a prodigy and a champion. They say it’s hard to top your first album, well Mic Mountain has done just that with the Warpath 2 LP. He is setting the bar high and ready to claim his place among the Hip Hop greats!