Music has always been an integral part gaming, whether on consoles, tablets, or mobile phones.  But getting fans to engage with an artist outside the game remains a challenge.

We’re happy to be partnering with Beat Fever, a company that is using its mobile music gaming app to significantly boost streaming plays and followers.  Already, Steve Aoki, R3HAB, Spinnin Records and Monstercat Records are on board, among others. Here’s a quick rundown on what these guys are doing – and their early results.

That’s a problem being addressed by Beat Fever, an emerging platform for driving better engagement between artists and music fans.  In some cases, the company says they’ve managed to double artist streaming and followers in a matter days, and some pretty serious artists and labels are part the initial wave.

Beat Fever is basically a mobile music game that uses short song previews, interactive gameplay and various marketing levers to drive music engagement and discovery.  Right now, the company is unveiling its Marketing Platform, with the goal breaking new hits, driving artist awareness and fueling artist discovery directly from its gaming environment.

Early movers on this include Steve Aoki, R3HAB, Spinnin Records and Monstercat Records, all whom have been using the beta-stage Beat Fever Marketing Platform to launch new music.  Basically, this is an in-game weapon for driving lots people towards featured artists.

The app already has 8.6 million users since its August, 2017 launch, which is more than enough to kickstart the marketing platform.

Loaded with hundreds licensed hits from “Despacito” to “Poker Face,” music fans tap to the beat the song, complete the challenge and are prompted to listen to the whole song on music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and more.

Beat Fever says that players average 34 plays per song, with over 49 million clicks outbound in months.

R3HAB in particular has seen some strong results, with a major impact also felt on Facebook.   “I’ve seen amazing engagement on Facebook, and millions streams my new songs through their support,” the Dutch music producer and DJ relayed.

There are plenty other early success stories emerging.  And the push is coming from various points within the app. From the “Featured” section in the Main Menu to Push Notifications, Beat Fever is trying to push some serious exposure, streams and plays.

They also created a nice case study involving Steve Aoki and Daddy Yankee, among others.  In February, “Azukita” by Steve Aoki featuring Daddy Yankee, Elvis Crespo and Play-N-Skillz was promoted in-game for two weeks with one music fan playing it 353 times, tens thousands players spiking Steve Aoki’s Spotify playlist by over 61% and over 2.3 million additional streams on Spotify alone.

Monstercat also looks interested in growing this relationship.  “We launched ‘Take Me There’ by Conro in Beat Fever on the same day the track dropped on all music platforms and saw a spike in followers, streams, and views,” remarked Orri Sachar Monstercat. “It’s now Conro’s breakout hit for 2018 and has climbed the Mediabase Dance Radio Charts, currently sitting at #3 in the top 5 alongside Marshmello, Calvin Harris, Zedd and Cash Cash.”

Beyond in-game promotion, the Beat Fever Marketing Platform is now being broadened to more than 200 platforms, including Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and more. Since its beta launch, the company says the Beat Fever Marketing Platform has driven over 1.3 billion impressions, with plans to surpass 1 billion in September alone.

Beat Fever is available for iOS iTunes and for Android Google Play.

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