The first week sales after an album’s release can be a crucial measurement the record’s success, and artists have been attempting all kinds methods to drum up sales. No longer do we live in a world where 2-3 singles and a press junket will generate sales, now a days artists have to come up with some crazy scheme, or simply just drop their album completely out the blue.

Nicki Minaj isn’t above all that either. According to Hip-Hop N More, Nicki will be using a tried and true method to get people to purchase her album early. An e-mail sent to her fans state that every pair tickets purchased for Nicki’s upcoming “NICKIHNDRXX” tour with Future will earn her fans a single copy her upcoming album, Queen.

Just doing some rudimentary math, this deal could turn out very lucrative for Nicki. Her tour, which starts in September, is massive, with her hitting 50 different shows in numerous countries. Even on a low estimate the arenas she’s performing in holding a max 1000 people each, if each pair seats gets an album in return, she’ll have already sold 25,000 copies  Queen before it even drops.

Nicki isn’t the first artist to bundle their album with their concert sales. Pop artist P!nk did a similar strategy with her 2017 album Beautiful Trauma, and two thirds her 384k first week album sales came from fans buying tickets to her tour. Of course, if Nicki wanted to go platinum right way she could always sell a million copies her album to Samsung like Jay Z did.