Photo by Tom MedvedichWell that was fast!Less than an hour after Future issued a public warning to upstart OG Maco on HuffPostLive over his recent Twitter comments denouncing his music, it appears the two Atlanta MCs have already made amends.Maco took to Twitter, ironically the source of the initial problem, to tell his fans, haters and of course the #FutureHive, that things all are all good between him and the “Commas” crooner. Salute @1future . We just had a real nigga conversation. The media and hate will turn positives into negatives if you let em. No more ?s .— OG Maco (@OGMaco) July 13, 2015Making light of Future’s jab, Maco also made sure to plug his new music, referring to one of his latest tracks, “Lord Have Mercy,” as “the Bible verses” he raps about.Here them bible verses I need to rap about. Bless Me Lord Have Mercy #ChildrenOfTheRage— OG Maco (@OGMaco) July 13, 2015 In case you’re just now catching up, OGG went on a mini Twitter rant about the music industry, citing Future’s music for destroying “countless lives” by glorifying drug use late last week. While promoting his upcoming album, Dirty Sprite 2, the hitmaker addressed Maco’s comments, warning him to say things to his face and not online. “All that Twitter stuff, I’m not with that. I’m one hundred percent, a thousand percent. So if he can say it on Twitter, when I see him, I’mma see him.”Well, it looks like Maco heard Future’s message loud and clear and was quick to hash things out. A smart move for both sides, considering that Maco’s star is rising as he’s set to hit the stage at the XXL Freshmen Los Angeles show and that Future’s DS2 is anticipated to set the streets ablaze with more Future-quality hits.