Powerful On The Mic, Freedom Williams Is Back And Better Than Ever!!
It is hard to think of 90’s dance music and not think of Freedom Williams from C&C Music Factory. It is rare to find an artist with music so timeless it carries on to the next generation. Freedom Williams has such raw energy and appeal that it effects everyone around him.
The award-winning front-man emcee and co-founder of the multi-platinum selling C+C Music Factory, Freedom stood out amongst his Hip-Hop and Dance music peers with his distinctive smooth bass vocals, witty lyricism, energetic performances, charismatic personality, upscale fashion style and body-builder physique. His rapping is prominently heard on many of C+C Music Factory’s party anthems from their debut album, such as the Billboard Hot 100 #1 platinum single “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now),” as well as other infectious club classics “Here We Go (Let’s Rock & Roll)” and “Things That Make You Go Hmmm…” — and these songs still get the dance floor jumping! You can hear these iconic songs featured in hit movies and television shows such as Space Jam, Dancing With The Stars, Jarhead, Evan Almighty, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Happy Feet and Pain & Gain.

In 2015, Williams is poised to elevate his diverse business ventures to the next level. FWE has brokered a partnership with Thump/Universal Records and released their first single “Never” by Freedom Williams featuring Aaron Hanson. He has recently forged a partnership with his protégé, up and coming Hip-Hop artist Hanz Gable with FWE/Life Goes On Records. Together they have brokered a record deal with Sony/Penalty Records and Hanz latest single “Drink To That” is currently available on ITunes.

Williams feels it is very important to give back to the community and dedicates much of his time towards his philanthropic endeavors. In 2005 he established the Rufus L. Perry Organization and in 2008 the annual Aquarius Bash was established.

Freedom has also expanded his business interests outside of the realm of entertainment. He recently established his own construction company – Freedom Williams Rocks The House, and is currently filming a reality show around this venture. Constantly busy you can see Freedom Williams is here to stay so “Everybody Dance Now”!!

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Powerful On The Mic, Freedom Williams Is Back And Better Than Ever!!