Princess Nokia delivers her video for “Morphine.”

Princess Nokia has hit her fans with a relative follow up to her “Your Eyes Are Bleeding” video in which she revisits her teenage goth phase, except his time out instead brooding on the road, she invites her buds for a rotop party. A lack readily accessible wilderness in NYC has residents ten resorting to root top terraces and garden plots. You heard it here first: the future is vertical. 

In “Morphine,” members smart girl party crowd emerge from their afternoon wake-up call with their arms outstretch. Nokia, wearing ator goggles atop her head, mocks her deep depression by challenging the forces working against her to smash her heart in pieces where it “looks good on the floor.”

On “Morphine,” Nokia wins plaudits for breaking age old stereotypes about social dents or “outcasts,” but best all she earns my respect for stringing together a light-rave in broad daylight. As Andrew W.K said earlier today, “Friday the 13th is actually one the luckiest days for partying. Put it to good use and party 13 times harder.”

Get outside and break that losing streak.