Rapper Steez Signs A Major Distribution Deal With BDL4LIFE Entertainment  And Talks New Single "Indo"

The rapper from Florida known as Steez has released his latest single, “Indo.” The single is the prominent front-running hit from his up-and-coming mixtape, “Legendary Lifestyle.” The single has been proudly published by BDL4LIFE Entertainment and distributed through Ingrooves/Universal

Steez is a force to be reckoned with because of his amazing talent and smooth melodies, but his humble nature has pushed him to achieve higher goals and gain notoriety as an emerging music artist. He brings something exceptionally refreshing and musically credible to the hip-hop scene music scene.

Steez’s future in music is bright as he continues to press forward with his plans, earning recognition along the way. “Indo” is the latest reason that fans of hip hop and rap need to be paying close attention to the recent work of Steez.

Rapper Steez, has his own style and creates a new blend which is fresh and new, sharp and direct. Unafraid to say exactly what’s on his mind.

Asked to describe his start in rap, Steez says in a interview, “I always listened to music as a kid. It’s just in my blood.”

Steez comments on signing a new distribution deal with BDL4LIFE Entertainment “Anything is possible. Work hard and stay consistent, and most importantly, believe in yourself.”

“Indo” by Steez is available online worldwide. Watch also for his up-and-coming mixtape, “Legendary Lifestyle,” due out soon.