Angel Haze returns with their recent project Back to the Woods, a 13-track effort that features no guest appearances. Produced entirely by Ty Kaembe, who told Billboard that the project is ”an accidental masterpiece,” Back to the Woods finds Haze bearing their all after a trying couple years that included a drug overdose and a breakup with Ireland Baldwin. Check out the full project above.XXL caught up with Haze following their recent show in Brooklyn and asked them about Back to the Woods and where the idea for the title and content came from. “When I was a kid, I grew up homeless a lot. I didn’t have a home that belonged to me until I was about 17, and it was located in Virginia in the middle of these woods,” they started. “And my mom, she used to get really pissed off at me. There’s one instance in particular when I wanted to go to New York and pursue my shit and she basically told me, ‘Take off everything I bought you and get the fuck out.’ So I was in the woods naked and I slept there. It’s the only place in my life I’ve ever felt entirely safe. Like I belonged there.“The woods, yo, it protects you and it nurtures you and it provides for you in ways that people can’t. I’ve lost myself there, but I’ve found pieces of myself. I cried. I never cry in front of anyone; I never cry until I hit the trees, you know? I was supposed to do a show in Sweden and I was basically stuck in Virginia because I hadn’t been back since I was 19, 20, and I went to the woods and I just lost it. I had like a proper meltdown. It’s the only time I feel like I’ve been purified. And I miss being able to be honest with myself in that way where I don’t worry about who I’m inconveniencing with my emotions. The woods is that place for me. So, that’s why I called it Back To The Woods, because now my music is about how I feel, about how I am actually and what I’m letting go and nobody can take that shit from you once you find it. That’s what the record’s about.”