No more trying to keep things on the hush. Tyga’s “$timulated” video serves as an announcement that he and Kylie Jenner are indeed dating. Not that this was any big secret; for the better part of the last year, Tyga and Kylie have been rumored to be a couple but due to Ms. Jenner being underage until very recently, the two could not go public. Last week, Tyga’s Fuk What They Talkin’ Bout mixtape dropped and “Stimulated” was the track that caught people’s attention thanks to lyrics that insinuated Tyga was having sex with Jenner even when she was under 18. On the track, Tyga raps “They say she young/She should have waited/She’s a big girl, dog, when she’s stimulated.”In the accompanying video, the 18-year-old Jenner moves gracefully through the house as she goes to to meet her man while he rolls up and writes rhymes in his notebook. Once they take it to the deck overlooking the ocean, the two trade kisses and cozy up with one another–the first time they have been publicly intimate. The video ends with Tyga looking contemplatively towards the ocean as the screen fades to black.