Getty ImagesOne month after having to appear in court for owing a landord $80,000 in back rent on his $6.5 million, seven-bedroom Calabasas, CA mansion, TMZ is reporting that Tyga owes another Calabasas landlord $50,000 in back rent for a different home. The report states that Tyga has not paid the $25,000-a-month rent on the home in two months and if he doesn’t pay up by this Saturday, Aug.1, the rapper’s landlord will file for Tyga’s eviction and charge him $833.33-a-day in rent. Since Blac Chyna lived in the home with the rapper at one point, she is also named a defendant in the lawsuit.After countless delays, push backs and quarrels with his label, Tyga finally released The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty on Spotify last month. The 12-track LP came as a surprise and features the likes of Lil Wayne, A.E., Boosie BadAzz and was executive produced by Kanye West and Mike Dean. The album isn’t available via iTunes and interestingly enough, credits Last Kings Music and not Cash Money/Young Money as the label behind it. Tyga spoke with Power 106 back in December and spoke on getting out of his deal with Cash Money and not being put in a box, ““The album is done so like I’m going to put it out independently,” said Tyga. “I’m just getting out my deal right now. I feel like as an artist, at the end of the day, what we do creatively should never be imprisoned and at the end of the day we do it to bring it to the fans. It’s not a selfish thing — it’s just not fair to the fans. You’ve got millions of people who want your music and they don’t understand the behind-the-scenes of the politics.”