The unapologetic MC, Terell Skreetzz is delivering street music in a style unmatched by anyone else. A native of South Carolina, Skreetzz represents the genuine demeanor of a modern man from the rough side of the South, where he was taught “to get it by any means necessary.” Looking for a more productive way to achieve those same goals, Skreetzz aimed his passion at music. His style and music shows a love for beautiful women, good times, and taking care of family. Skreetzz takes you into his world of respect, dedication, and living life to its fullest every time he hits the track. His innovative flow in songs, like “Carolina” is intoxicating and his presence in video and stage are just as memorable. With a smooth voice, he catches the beat and rides with it, taking listeners into the high with him. A powerfully motivated artist and Southern gentleman, Skreetzz is ready to take you with him. Get your mind ready to enter the world of Skreetzz. He is currently working with a lot of major artist and producers.