Wax Mannequin Premieres 'Have a New Name' Album
Wax Mannequin is returning with the new album Have a New Name, and while the record isn't due out for another week, you can get in early on an advance stream now.

Have a New Name marks the seventh album from the project helmed by Hamilton's Christopher Adeney. In a way, the record is a return to the Wax Mannequin yore, with producer Edwin Burnett — with whom Adeney made some the first Wax Mannequin recordings in the early 2000s — back onboard.

A press release explains the following:

Working in a small east-end Hamilton industrial space containing an array vintage and modern gear, the pair — along with percussionist Mark Raymond — crafted Have a New Name's eight songs out semi-impromptu sessions that eventually expanded with the addition grand piano, gamba da viola, double bass and a 12 piece choir. The end product is the most sonically ambitious Wax Mannequin album to date, and also arguably the most powerful. You can now hear the entire effort for yourself down below.

Have a New Name is ficially due out on June 22 Coax Records/Outside Music. You can pre-order the album over here, as well as check out all Wax Mannequin's tour dates over here.