The trio is plotting in their latest music video.

Whenever Future and Young Thug meet together on a track, you know it’s going to be something worth checking out. When Young Scooter is thrown into the mix, it becomes a must-listen affair. Early this year, Scooter dropped his Trippple Cross album, which impressed a lot people. While a few the tracks stand out directly, the title track with Thugger and Super Future is one the many that people are still bumping. Clearly, the Atlanta rappers are aware just how much the track bangs because they decided to link up to film the music video for “Trippple Cross,” bringing the hype right back.

Scooter, Thug, and Fewtch hang with some masked men, holding an upside-down American flag behind them. That, in itself, is enough a message sent. The trio performs their respective verses while mugging for the camera, reminding us all the exact reach this particular track.

With Young Thug saying we would drop an album today (our eyes are peeled!!) this seems like the perfect time to release the new video, giving people enough time to process this in the morning before likely jamming to ON THE RUN tonight. Check out the full clip above.