Skooly, Worl, Sleepy Rose and Hott Locked N join us for “Crew Love.”

It’s generally much more difficult to market a rap group over an individual artist. When you’ve got a mentor like 2 Chainz though, anything is possible. The man has been around the music industry for such a long time that he knows the ins and outs getting your songs heard. At this point, we’re all well aware the Atlanta star’s brand and his identity. On top his own releases, you may have seen that Tity Boi is taking more an executive approach with his T.R.U collective, bringing together some his favorite up-and-coming artists to create a solid front. We recently had all his guys in the fice to film a new episode Crew Love, getting to know them personally and seeing what makes them unique.

Made up Skooly, Sleepy Rose, Worl, Hott Locked N and, course, 2 Chainz himself, the T.R.U camp is about to impact the world with a hot new compilation album. Already, we’ve heard some songs from the project and, so far, they sound nice. The Atlanta rappers tell us about how they originally met one another before fering a timeline on their bond with 2 Chainz. As for what makes them special, much it comes from their respective styles and sounds. 

“We got our own sound,” says Worl. “We don’t sound like nobody.” Sleepy Rose chimes in to say that they’re all “hard” in their own way. Skooly gets pretty introspective and shows a lot his personality in this video, telling us that he’s afraid rejection and thus, has difficulty putting himself out there sometimes. On the new album though, he’s bound to get pretty personal with us.

Stay tuned for more from the T.R.U gang and check out their collective single below.