21 Savage May Just Have To Drop His New Single "Immortal"

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21 Savage asked his fans to come through and they sure did.

If we’re speaking on social media activity alone, might have just been forced to abide by his own rules. The rapper asked a question this weekend, checking to see who wants some new music from the Saint Laurent Don. . It feels as though Savage may be ready to get back in the game though because on Twitter, he asked if he should drop it and he ended up getting a truly overwhelming response.

Using a strategy that has become oh-so-popular among rappers, 21 Savage asked fans to retweet his post if they wanted some new music. They heard him loud and clear because the tweet ended up earning a whopping 102K retweets and nearly 81K likes at the time of publication. Does that mean the Atlanta-raised artist will be releasing some new music? Possibly. However, he never really specified a number that fans needed to hit to unlock the song. We suggest you still log onto your account and give him a quick retweet because we can seriously use some new 21 Savage.

Since being released from ICE custody this year, 21 Savage has remained relatively low-key. . Maybe he’s ready for a full-fledged return.