50 Cent’s Instagram Page Has Been Deactivated

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It’s a sad day for us all.

There was a time when a good chunk of articles on our homepage would derive from ‘s social media pages. You guys have proven that you want to keep up with his outrageous shenanigans,  and coming through strong on all the trolling activity. If you were hoping for an update on the legendary rapper’s feuds against , , , or anybody else, you’re unfortunately not in luck. To be honest, you may need to find a different pastime too because, as of now, 50 Cent’s Instagram profile has been disabled.

The reason why his account was deactivated is still undetermined. , the executive producer of Power had . Even then, the photo was removed for violating the medium’s guidelines. Perhaps, the executives at IG finally had enough of Fif’s constant troll-jobs and decided to ban him for good.

If you search for his name on the platform, you will not find a thing. Even Google won’t be able to help you. The entertainer has not yet commented on the ban but he is still updating his Twitter. So, at least you know you can still find him over there. Will you miss him on IG?