Big Sean’s "Detroit II" Rumored To Feature Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Young Thug

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Can you see any other names on the list?

Is prepping for Detroit II? Internet sleuths think so. The Motor City rapper has been hyping up his new project for months now, sharing that he’s gone through his sort of spiritual awakening that caused him to self-reflect. Sean has also stated that he’s making the best music of his career, there may be another mixtape on its way, as well.

Big Sean's "Detroit II" Rumored To Feature Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Young Thug
Neilson Barnard / Staff / Getty Images

On Tuesday, YK Osiris shared a few photos of himself in the studio with Sean Don. Initially, fans were questioning what these two artists were working on, that listed features for Detroit II. While it’s small print and difficult to read when one tries to zoom in, some people say that they can clearly see a few noteworthy names on the list.

After the internet started buzzing about the sneak peek, Sean decided to stir the pot by re-posting the image with the caption, “Ready to eat! Swipe to see a glimpse of the menu. 🤔🍽.” Decipherable names but the others are a bit of a toss-up. Check it out for yourself below and let us know what other names you can spot. If you haven’t already,