Is this the best episode “How To Roll” so far?

There have been some pretty incredible episodes How To Roll over the years. Who can forget when Famous Dex excitedly declared that he was higher than “raccoon booty cheeks” at the end his run in the fice? Well, a new episode might have just passed Dexter for the No. 1 spot on the funniest HTR clips all time. We recently had BlocBoy JB in the fice and we wanted to introduce him to our local New York weed, seeing what he fucks with and what he never wants to smoke again. Bringing along his homie Lil Lee, BlocBoy seemed to have a grand ole’ time rolling up and smoking a backwoods, telling us hilarious stories and just cooling out with his boy.

BlocBoy JB's New Episode Of "How To Roll" Will Have You Crying

As soon as Bloc and Lee walked into the building, we knew we were in for something special. The two were in an amazing mood, giggling at every little joke they made and rolling up some Gelato to enjoy amongst themselves. Right f the bat, Lil Lee says that he’s not with any the “bullshit,” trashing lower-level strains and coming up with our new universal motto: “If you ain’t got the gas gas, you better pass pass.” Lee passionately went through some the strains he’s currently feeling as BlocBoy rolled up a blunt, laughing along with his partner. 

When it came to their least favorite strain, the Memphis rapper lost it when Lil Lee said that anything “reggie” is at the bottom his list. JB just fell back on the couch and had us all slapping our knees. “If it’s the reggie or the mid, uh uh, we don’t fuck with it,” said Lil Lee. BlocBoy chimed in with an emphatic “facts.”

Enjoy the latest episode How To Roll and let us know where it ranks on your all-time list.

BlocBoy JB's New Episode Of "How To Roll" Will Have You Crying