Blueface Responds To Nipsey Hussle’s Artist’s Threat: "Why Y’all Mad At Me"

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Blueface hasn’t said anything about Nipsey Hussle yet it seems like he’s feeling the backlash from Wack 100’s comments.

It just seems like Blueface can’t please anyone out here. 2019 was undoubtedly a huge year for the West Coast rapper but in his rise to the top, the West also lost a prominent figure. ‘s passing was not only a loss to the West but to the world. Tributes poured out immediately after, especially among artists in the West. Blueface didn’t pay his condolences online which . and kept it moving but apparently, he’s now having to deal with comments previously made by his manager.

Yesterday, one of Nipsey Hussle’s artists, Killa Twan, . He took to Twitter in response to Blueface and Wack100’s explanation of the latter’s inflammatory comments. “On NicKersons I’ll fuck over @bluefacebleedem in a head up squabble. LiL n***a betta watch his muhhfuckin mouf… him & wack!!” Killa Twan wrote. 

This appears to have caught Blueface off guard since he hasn’t said anything about Nipsey Hussle. He took to Twitter to issue a response which seemed to be an attempt to distance himself from Wack100’s comments. “Till this day I haven’t said one word about nip idk y y’all mad at me,” he wrote before signing off with “Sycooyardcryp.”

Peep Blueface’s tweet below.