French Montana has wasted no time moving in on lost ground. Although Khloe is in a situation where she can’t act out pocket, as her pregnancy is literally imminent, French Montana is lending a sympathetic ear. Not only did he re-follow his ex-lover on Instagram, but he spoke candidly with TMZ about Tristan stepping out line, choosing the high road approach. 

Those close to the couple commented that French Montana were a good fit during their romantic stint in 2014. Yesterday night, as Montana and his entourage waded through a mob people, he noticed a familiar face in a TMZ field reporter and decided to take his opportunity to address his wishes for the star-crossed lovers in a time need.

“Lemme tell you something man, I just want everyone to be happy,” he said in reference to the imagined turmoil at base camp in Cleveland, where Khloe is expecting her child. Montana then imitated a boxer’s defensive stance as he told the field reporter “When there’s negativity, I duck and move Papi.”

Suffice to say, his general comments and the Instagram follow insinuate two different levels intentionality. Let’s not read too much into it for the time being.