K. Michelle & "The Cussing Pastor" Engage In Screaming Match At Restaurant

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The cringy episode was recorded by a patron.

Employees at a restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee didn’t know what to do after singer got into an argument with Thaddeus Matthews, a man also known as “the Cussing Pastor.” Matthews shared two videos of the altercation that , who was being staved off by her boyfriend Kastan Sims,  accusing him of having a boyfriend and sexually abusing children.

He gave an explanation of what happened from his perspective in a lengthy caption:

Today I ran into the craziest b*tch in the entire universe, K.Michelle. I have never met her funeral home makeup looking ass. As I entered I spoke to the owner and shook hands with some fans who were present at Regina’s Cajun Kitchen in downtown Memphis. I guess her real ugly ass is still upset over the fact in December I reported that her trifling ass had painted the walls pink of a house she was legally evicted from after missing months of paying rent on a mansion here in memphis. As I sat waiting on my 3lbs Of crab legs the owner comes over and tells me that Michelle told her if I didn’t leave she was calling the police and telling them I was stalking her, so I told her to tell her “ B*tch call them” which she did 3 times. The police never arrived so after about 30 minutes her and her very feminine acting boyfriend decided to leave. At this point I laughed loudly and said, “ B*tch don’t look like even the police like your zombie looking ass”. She started calling me all type of names and cussing me, Not being a novice to cussing I told her as I looked at my watch “Malnourished B*tch take you and your out of drag looking boyfriend on out of here and hurry across town before the graveyard closes. K. Michelle you got the right one I don’t give a damn about you at all, if you hadn’t acted up I would not have known who your poster child for funeral home looking ass was. This Video Was Taped By A Customer In The Restaurant

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Damn whole horse weave wearing ass was that best you could do, K. Michelle your man is more girl then you

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Matthews shared a third video where he spoke to the camera and addressed K. Michelle by saying, “Anybody in Memphis can tell you I give absolutely zero f*cks about you b*tch.” He captioned the clip, “Don’t come for me if I don’t send for you, tonight on my Tv Show I will play the tape of Andrea who says that Dr.Kasdan Simms the boyfriend of K.Michelle gave her Type 1 and2 Herpes.” 

This latest incident  surprised fans at a Nashville concert and took to the mic to tell them that she’s the next and “a black girl that sings better than any white motherfu*cking country singer in Nashville right now.”