Kodak Black’s Lawyers Describe Rapper’s "Low Income" Upbringing To Petition For Release

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His legal team is doing whatever they can to get the rapper out of jail.

Federal prosecutors aren’t letting  without a fight. They’ve painted a picture of the rapper as being a danger to society, especially following the news that his fingerprints were linked to a Florida shooting. Kodak remains behind bars following his arrest prior to his Rolling Loud performance when he was taken into custody on charges of making a false statement in connection with the acquisition of firearms from a federally licensed dealer.

The 21-year-old’s lawyers have petitioned the court to allow Kodak to be released so that case in South Carolina. In documents obtained by The BlastKodak’s attorneys are hoping that their portrayal of the rapper as a victim of the environment he grew up in will sway the judge’s decision.

“Born on June 11, 1997, the boy who would become Kodak grew up in Golden Acres, a small, barracks like cluster of public housing originally built in the late 1” They write that his community “spans just over 80 acres and over 170 units” and mirrored other “low income housing tracts” by having an overwhelming presence of gangs and drug activity. “People in his old neighborhood talk about a quiet little boy walking around with a notepad, constantly writing rhymes.”

The legal team also state in these latest court documents that they have a plan set in place for Kodak to be under constant supervision. They also argue that the rapper hasn’t ever thought he was using “illegal drugs” because he has a valid license to use cannabis and his mother has gone on  record to say she “has never witnessed her son use illegal drugs.”