Lil Kim & Kash Doll Link Up In Detroit At Kim’s Concert & Fight Over Bill At Dinner

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We approve of this duo.

performed in Detroit on Saturday night, and was in close attendance. Kash Doll shared an abundance of Instagram stories documenting her whole evening with Kim, including a video of the two of them backstage as Kim prepares to go on stage followed by some clips of Kash Doll rapping along to “Crush On You” as  It looks like Kash Doll even joined Kim at one point, as she reposted a story of the two of them performing onstage together. After the show, Kim and Kash Doll shared some laughs with Kim’s entourage, which included , before heading to dinner where Kash Doll began freestyling at the table.

Once the evening started coming to a close, Kim and Kash Doll both proceeded to grab the cheque, which resulted in the two of them fighting over who will cover the bill. Kash Doll shared some footage of the whole ordeal, with a sweet message about Kim in the caption.

“Me and queen bee @lilkimthequeenbee fighting over the bill last night was a highlight of my female rap career..! Like really last night was epic! I’m honored πŸ₯°she’s the best! I had soooo much fun it was on the flo!” Kash Doll wrote. Kim returned the love several times on the post, including in her comment, “😻😻 My BABY!!!!! πŸ’‹πŸ’‹β€οΈITS ON DA FLO!!!! Fr πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.” It’s unclear who ended up covering the bill, but regardless, it looks like  Things weren’t always so peachy keen between them, at least on Kash Doll’s part. In September, she revealed that she and Kim had officially met at New York Fashion Week, in which  All was resolved, and the two of them appear to be super close now.