Lil Nas X Reveals His Mother Is An Addict: "We Don’t Have The Closest Relationship"

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He tried to get her into rehab but claims it “didn’t quite work out.”

He’s a rookie in the music scene, but Lil X has made history. He’s broken ‘s record for the longest-running No. 1 song on the Billboard 100 chart, and although the “Old Town Road” hype has dissipated in recent months, the song is an unforgettable milestone for the 20-year-old artist.

Lil Nas X Reveals His Mother Is An Addict: "We Don't Have The Closest Relationship"
Emma McIntyre / Staff / Getty Images

The 62nd annual Grammy Awards will take place this Saturday (January 26) in Los Angeles, and  He recently caught up with Variety to chat about his quick rise to stardom while sharing a few unknown facts about his background. “So much happened during my rise,” X said of artists like , XXXTentacion, and Juice WRLD dying. “You know, drugs and murders. And my grandmother passing [in 2018]— she was the first person close to me who died. It was devastating. And it made me a hypochondriac:” That caused him to “[smoke] [weed] heavily, but then I started feeling more connected with the universe, and taking everything as a sign.”

Lil Nas X also sharehe was secretly attempting to get his mother into rehabilitation. “I never really talk about my mom. She’s an addict so we don’t have the closest relationship,” he said. “Even trying to get her better — things didn’t quite work out. But there’s still love…

Back in September 2019,after he canceled two festival appearances. “I wanted to do more performances last year, but it didn’t go as planned and I didn’t have confidence,” he said. The time off wasn’t particularly helpful.  “I would start to overthink it all and I’d get overwhelmed. Like, what song should I put out next? Or should I put out multiple songs? Or how do I prove this person wrong?”

Make sure to tune into the Grammys this weekend to see if Lil Nas X takes home any trophies. In the meantime, swipe through below to check out a few images from his Variety feature.