It’s finally here!!

Lil Nas X prepared us from last week for the video for his hit song “Old Town Road.” We knew at the time that it would include cowboys, horses and cowboy hats but now that it’s here in full, it’s obvious to see that we got way more than we could have asked for. 

The five-minute movie features Chris Rock, Rico Nasty, Vince Staples, Diplo, Ha Ha Davis, Jozzy, producer Youngkio and course, Billy Ray Cyrus. Set back in the cowboy days, Lil Nas breaks away with a bag cash and hides out with Billy Ray until he’s no longer welcome, forcing him to run to a dig out that transports him to present day. There, he stuns almost everyone he encounters since he uses a horse to navigate his new world, but just as Lil Nas grab the hearts many in real-life, he becomes the talk the town in the movie and upgrades his ride and gear. 

The video adds even more love and hype to the track that’s still sitting at number one on the Billboard 100. Check it out and let us know which parts are your favorite.