Lil Scrappy & Erica Dixon Go At It On "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Reunion

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Can we all just get along?

It’s unfortunate that and Erica Dixon’s daughter has to bear witness to her parents fighting on national television, but it’s been that way between the former couple for years. Reality television fans have watched the roller-coaster relationship between Scrappy and Erica for quite some time now as they’ve attempted to rekindle their romance, , and engaged in bitter disputes about their past. 

The core of many of their issues is their 14-year-old daughter, Emani Richardson. The pair have been at odds over child support and according to Erica, Scrappy hasn’t been contributing to the best of his abilities. Scrappy, on the other hand, denies these claims and during the recent things went sour…fast.

Scrappy and his wife Adiz “Bambi” Benson recently welcomed a son into the world, and Bambi believes that Erica is bitter that Scrappy has moved on and is happy. Erica maintained that Scrappy is a poor communicator and , making things more difficult for their co-parenting relationship.

 with an unnamed man whose identity she’s kept secret. Scrappy brought that up at the reunion by saying, “She up here claiming she with her baby daddy and everything all good and all of that. You’re trying to fake the funk!” Both Scrap and Erica pulled out their phones to prove their child support case while Scrap argued that he tries to see his daughter but when he shows up, Emani isn’t there. 

All Emani wants is for her parents to get along, and while the drama may make for good reality television, it makes for a sad reality. Check out the heated segment below.