The singer signed to Mac Miller’s REMember label.

Songstress Njomza has been making moves in the industry, especially following landing a publishing contract with Skrillex. This led to the 24-year-old inking a deal with Mac Miller’s independent label REMember and she went on to become the first artist to drop music from the label. The Chicago-raised singer recently released her latest music video—a dark, yet dreamy, artistic visual for her single “One Foot In The Water.”

In April 2017 she released her EP sad for you, a record full self-reflective tracks that are described as “hard topics tackled with breathy, beautiful pop.” Earlier this year Njomza—whose name means “fresh bud a flower”—chatted with LA Weekly about her friendship with Mac Miller. “Honestly, without him, I wouldn’t have any this,” she said. “I probably would find one way or another to get into the music industry, but because him — literally everything that I have. Me moving to L.A., meeting all these producers. Even being able to step into the room, I always had one foot in already because him. I got to be like, ‘I’m with Mac Miller.’ He changed my life for sure.”