The past 48 hours have been devastating for the people living in Montecito, California. According to CNN, t least 15 have been confirmed dead and dozens more injured by devastating mudslides that have left hundreds people literally trapped inside the town and, more specifically, their own homes. Emergency crews are working diligently to rescue those are in danger as fast as possible and, to give people an idea the sheer power the mudslides, Oprah Winfrey shared video footage the damage that has been done to her SoCal estate.

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As you can see below, heavy rains have created debris levels that are knee-high in certain spots. The amount snarled tree branches, bit shingles and other parts from neighboring houses and other types shrapnel left behind by the mudslides is quite shocking, as captured by the daytime TV queen for her social media accounts. You can see just how far her foot sinks into the veritable river mud later on in the clip. Check out all the footage below.

Highways and cars have been almost completely covered with the mud-debris mix, making it impossible for those who are stranded because the damage to make their way to another nearby town. The story is continuing to develop, with plenty first-hand accounts already popping up and going viral on various social media platforms. Model Bella Hadid even shared a heart wrenching post about the current state her hometown.

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