R. Kelly’s Crisis Manager Doubles Back On Comments About Leaving Daughter Alone With The Singer

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It looks like he’s had a change of heart.

Rumors regarding are flying every-which-way, but one thing is for certain: the singer is currently in jail, being held without bond, on 13 federal counts related to sex crimes. The singer will soon be transferred to New York where he’ll be confronted with charges from another investigation, and many believe that these upcoming cases spell the end of Kelly’s freedom. However, his legal team is holding out hope that they can prove their client’s innocence.

One person who has taken to the front lines for Kelly through his heavily publicized media storms is Darrell Johnson who acted as the singer’s crisis manager. However, we previously r, a move that many speculated was influenced by his recent CBS interview with Gayle King. He was asked if he would feel comfortable leaving his 20-year-old daughter alone with Kelly and he responded, “Absolutely not..”

In an effort to bring clarity to both his comments and the move of relieving himself from crisis manager duties, Johnson caught up with TMZ and shared that a family member with serious health issues is the reason why he has to take a step back. “I had some personal issues back at my hometown,” he said. “I decided at this particular time One of my family members is on their deathbed right now and I’m going to go attend to that.”

In regards to his interview with King, he alluded that CBS may have spliced and diced his comments to make them seem more scathing than they were. “It wasn’t live.  CBS, nothing at all,” he said. “I just think that when you do a taped interview that can be chopped up, and my words [are] my words…I’d pull back if I had to do it again. I would —which this is not what this is about—with Mr. Kelly if I had to leave.”

Johnson goes on to say that Kelly has been acquitted of the previous charges against him and he has full faith that Kelly will once against be found not guilty.