Remember "Flavor Of Love" Star Tiffany "New York" Pollard? The "HBIC" Talks VH1 Return

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INTERVIEW: The HBIC is glowing up and getting real.

The self-proclaimed HBIC is back. Tiffany “New York” Pollard first stepped onto the reality television scene way back in 2006 As she competed for the attention of the Public Enemy rapper, Tiffany often butt heads with the other contestants. While she didn’t win Flavor Flav’s heart, she quickly became a fan favorite, and VH1 took notice that she was a star in the making. 

What followed were appearances on Flavor of Love 2I Love New YorkI Love New York 2I Love New York 3New York Goes to HollywoodNew York Goes to Work and stints on Celebrity Big Brother, Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn, and Scared Famous. The world has watched as Tiffany has gone through a transformation— and maturation— process right before their eyes, and now the First Lady of VH1 Reality TV has returned to the network. This time, it’s for her digital series Brunch with Tiffany.

Remember "Flavor Of Love" Star Tiffany "New York" Pollard? The "HBIC" Talks VH1 Return
Photo Provided By VH1

On Tuesday, the second season of Brunch with Tiffany premiered Just an hour before that episode was made available, Tiffany caught up with us to give some background on her new tea-spilling series, and we started with her thoughts on Cyn’s ex-relationship revelations.

“I feel like she really opened up and it was just like, whoa, this is really happening, right here, right now,” Tiffany said. “I was really shocked, but it was a great interview. She was just letting it all roll out, and I think that when she did that, it was a major release for her. I appreciated that, and I was glad that I was the person that was there with her to support her through the things she needed to say.”

Brunch with Tiffany will also feature guests like B2K’s Fizz from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Scrappy from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Donna Lombardi from Black In Crew, and many others. Tiffany wants people to know that she still has the animated, lovable— and often wild— personality that has captured the hearts of millions of fans, yet, she doesn’t want people to think she’s the same ol’ unhinged, early-twenties reality star.

“I want my fans to notice the glow up,” she said of her new role as a talk show host. “The fact that she still likes to have fun and be herself and there’s outrageous moments within these interviews, but I also want people to notice the metamorphosis of how I’m a trustworthy individual. They can see, wow, Tiff is really there.

Her new show may have taken her away from the docuseries limelight, but she’ll be returning to reality television sooner than later. Tiffany shared that in a month or two she’ll be featured on an episode of Botched where she allowed cameras to document her getting her breast implants removed, a feature that she called “very painful and very real.” She added that 2020 will be a monumental year for her as she has a few television shows lined up, and they are, of course, reality TV-centered.

As an HBIC, Tiffany also took a moment to share her admiration for women in hip hop who she believes are deserving of her self-proclaimed title. We wanted to know what was in her playlist, and she didn’t hesitate to drop two chart-topping names. ” And also, [Megan] The Stallion! Her and that brown liquor, oh my god!”

Not only is Tiffany a fan of driving the boat, “Somebody sent it to me and I was like, ‘Look at her go!'” Tiffany said while laughing. “I wrote on her page,”

Maybe we’ll one day get a meeting of the HBICs on Brunch with Tiffany? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, check out new episodes every Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. over on VH1’s YouTube channel. While you’re there, watch last season’s guests including Charlamagne Tha God, Sky from Black Ink Crew, legendary actress Sheryl Lee Ralph, and Real Housewives of New York’s wild child Sonja Morgan.