Rosario Dawson is not a fan of how kids work together with social media in right this moment’s society. The beautiful and gifted actress lately sat down for an interview with Laverne Cox through the Tribeca TV Festival on Saturday, and revealed that she would not let her daughter use a mobile phone. Dawson’s daughter Lola is fifteen years previous, however her mom fears that warped requirements will have an effect on her kid’s self-worth. 

“I believe it’s actually critically necessary because the grownup in these youngsters’ lives to verify they’re not happening darkish alleys with out some sort of info and assist … and to get likes in accordance with little posts you’ve made after which considering that that’s what your worth is may be fairly harmful,” acknowledged Dawson. “They can current themselves on-line versus develop themselves on-line. That’s a extremely totally different factor. We didn’t develop up wanting within the mirror on a regular basis. We simply didn’t. We didn’t take a look at ourselves all day lengthy and that is what these youngsters are doing.”

“Now these youngsters are eager to get plastic surgical procedures to allow them to appear like what they appear like after they have a filter on,” she continued. “They’re getting physique dysmorphia taking a look at their very own picture that’s been doctored, after which after they look within the mirror, they’re horrified by a freckle or a pimple.” Truth be advised, I am not even positive what nearly all of my on-line associates appear like with no filter.