Selena Gomez Mysteriously Wipes Page Of Justin Bieber Photos

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All may not be well between the former lovers.

and were once one of the hottest young couples in Hollywood. Their fans wanted to see the two singers spend their lives together but as you all know, things didn’t quite turn out that way. Their on-again-off-again status was permanently closed when Justin Bieber got married to his longtime girlfriend Hailey Baldwin. , but thing may not be all fine and dandy between the former lovers. As reported by Complex, Gomez recently wiped her social pages of some previous memories she shared with Biebervelli, signalling some confusion among both fanbases. 

The pop star and actress had some unfinished business on her social media accounts with a few photos left over from her time spent with Justin Bieber. This weekend, fans noticed that she performed some maintenance, archiving or deleting the remaining photos, including a birthday wish to Biebs from March 2018. 

While Selena probably thought nothing of the move, her fans are proud that she finally got rid of the shots. It was only a matter of time before she started fresh again and it looks like that’s the case now. Hopefully, Justin and Selena can remain friends.

Selena Gomez Mysteriously Wipes Page Of Justin Bieber Photos
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