Tay-K gets animated in the new video for “Hard.”

Finally, one the greatest bars from this year has been immortalized in a music video. I’m obviously talking about “School was very hard (gang.)” While Tay-K’s lyrical capacities have yet to be tapped into since his tenure in prison, the rapper is still making waves as the “Free Tay-K” grows every day. While he is not facing the death penalty according to his manager, one Tay-K’s accomplices was recently sentenced to life in prison and the same may be on the way for the young artist. While locked up, Tay-K linked up with BlocBoy JB to drop f “Hard” No Jumper and today, Adam22 and the rest their team decided it was the perfect time to come through with the visuals.

Of course, Tay-K was unable to make it to the video shoot so he got the animation treatment. Since school was so hard, BlocBoy and the animated Tay-K hit up their educational center to relive some good memories in detention. One the year’s breakout stars, XXL Freshman BlocBoy made an impact with Adam22 as they mixed up some chemistry potions before infiltrating the principal’s fice and rapping over the intercom.

All in all, this video is pretty entertaining. Regardless how you feel about Tay-K, check it out and let us know if you’re vibing to it.