Tokyo Jetz Gives Birth & Shares Her Baby’s First Cries

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The rapper has been fairly private about her pregnancy.

Congratulations are in order for Grand Hustle’s Tokyo Jetz who shared that she’s given birth. The rapper made the announcement on Instagram by uploading a video from the delivery room of her newborn’s footprints while the baby can be heard crying in the background. She wrote in the clip’s caption, “No greater love 💙👪.”

The Florida native revealed her pregnancy news back in May with a photo of her performance at the Duval Reunion Festival. In the caption, she wrote, “We because of how important we believe peace is,” Tokyo wrote. “My entire tour I performed through hell with you but I’d go through it again a million times over to meet you.  She also hasn’t shared who the father of her child is.

Last week, Tokyo posted a documentary-style video to her social media pages that detailed her pregnancy journey. “My first time actually choosing to open up about my pregnancy..this was super hard for me especially because I don’t let people in this much and I’m usually the ‘strong’ one,” she wrote. and excitement about her firstborn including who called Amir his “Lil nephew,” along with Nya Lee, Miss Mulatto, DJ Duffey, LightSkinKeisha, Apple Watts, , Lala Milan, and actor Jason Mitchell. Check out the baby news below.