Tyga Is A Big Fan Of Kylie Jenner’s Super Thick Booty Photo

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Fans think Tyga might still be into his ex-girlfriend.

We live in an age where something as simple as a double-tap can cause people to speculate about your relationship status. With Instagram discontinuing their activity tab, it will be difficult to see what your friends have been creeping on social media in the future. However, if you’re famous enough, your name kind of just pops up to expose you when you intend on showing some private love. It’s happened to some of the best. . The couple, who shares a child together, called it quits this month and almost directly after the split was reported, Jenner was spotted with her ex-boyfriend . .

Tyga Is A Big Fan Of Kylie Jenner's Super Thick Booty Photo
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Several days ago, Kylie Jenner shared an update on how she’s been doing since the break-up, flaunting her famous curves for her millions of fans to go crazy over. Despite over eight million people double-tapping the shot of Ky’s behind, one person, in particular, slid in to note his smile after peeping the pic and it got the rumor mill swirling once again.

That’s right. None other than Tyga came forward with the “like,” adding to his potential plan to up the pettiness. . 

Do you think Tyga’s finger just slipped?

Tyga Is A Big Fan Of Kylie Jenner's Super Thick Booty Photo